MVC (DCI) に関する論文


Trygve Reenskaug 1979 MODELS - VIEWS - CONTROLLERS

GE Krasner 1988 A cookbook for using the model-view controller user interface

Krasner, Glenn E., and Stephen T. Pope. "A description of the model-view-controller user interface paradigm in the smalltalk-80 system." Journal of object oriented programming 1.3 (1988): 26-49.
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Trygve Reenskaug 2003 The Model-View-Controller Its Past and Present

Trygve Reenskaug and James O. Coplien 2009 (和訳版) The DCI Architecture: A New Vision of Object-Oriented Programming
DCIアーキテクチャ - Trygve Reenskaug and James O. Coplien - Digital Romanticism

Deacon, John. "Model-view-controller (mvc) architecture." Online][Citado em: 10 de março de 2006.] http://www. jdl. co. uk/briefings/MVC. pdf (2009).
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